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A continuación se muestra un listado ordenado alfabéticamente y en bloques de 10, de todas las canciones que empiezan con la letra “T”.

  • 1. (Tear 'Em Off) Me & My Doggz
    de Snoop Dogg
    The Dog Saw 'im
    They Tear
    Looked Liked They Try To Tear Him Off.
    I Said "Oh My God! They Want To Eat My Husband
  • 2. (The) Locomotion
    de Kylie Minogue
    1: Everybody's Doin' A Brand New Dance Now
    (C'mon Baby Do The Loco-Motion)
    I Know You'll Get To Like It If You Give It A Chance Now
    (C'mon Baby Do The Loco-Motion)
    My Little Baby Sister Can Do It With Ease
    It's Easier Than Learning Your A B C's
    So Come On, Come On, Do The Loco-Motion With Me
  • 3. (Tony, This Song Is Called) Lou Weed
    de Dandy Warhols
    Well Baby Just Look At Lou
    Yeah You Do What You Want To Do
    And Nothing Less For You
    Well Whatever Will Get You Through
  • 4. T'Innamorerò
    de Gigi D'Alessio
    Se Ci Stai
    Rimaniamo Da Soli Qui In Casa
    Dentro Il Frigo C'è Sempre Qualcosa
    Cena Improvvisa
    Ce Ne Stiamo Lontani Dal Mondo
    Che Là Fuori Sta Quasi Scoppiando
    Spengo Il Fuoco Che C'è Nel Camino
    Per Starti Vicino
  • 5. T-Shirt Sun Tan
    de Stereophonics
    He Was Walking Round To You,
    One Said French Afternoon,
    So He Called In To A Shop For Two,
    He Bought Himself An Ice Drink,
    A Totally Tropical Nice Drink,
    Then He Saw What He Thought Was You In A Room
  • 6. T.A.R.P.A.P.
    de Moravagine
    Truzzi Al Rogo
    E Punk Al Pogo
    Truzzi Al Rogo
    E Punk Al Pogo
  • 7. T.v.u.m.d.b. [con Giorgia]
    de Elio e Le Storie Tese
    Salve, Ragazza Che Imbratti I Muri Del Metrò:
    Pensavo Di Offriti Un Sorso Di Zabov,
    Ma... Cosa Leggo? Preferisci Del Vov?
  • 8. Taboo
    de Santana
    I Lay Not Sleeping
    Don't Know What To Do
    Lay Out In Waiting
    Lord For The Noon
  • 9. Tadayuki Song
    de Linea 77
    I've Never Heard
    So Many Words And Two Lips Moving So Fast.
    It 's Not My World,
    You Need To Escape And Piss Off From This World.
  • 10. Tailgunner
    de Iron Maiden
    Trace Your Way Back 50 Years
    To The Glow Of Dresden-Blood And Tears
    In The Black Above By The Cruel Searchlight
    Men Will Die And Men Will Fight-Yeah!
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