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A continuación se muestra un listado ordenado alfabéticamente y en bloques de 10, de todas las canciones que empiezan con la letra “S”.

  • 1. (S)Aint
    de Marilyn Manson
    I Don't Care If Your World Is Ending Today
    I Wasn't Invited To It Anyway
    You Said I Tasted Famous, So I Drew You A Heart
    But Now I'm Not An Artist I'm A Fucking Work Of Art
    I've Got An F And A C And I Got A K Too
    And The Only Thing Missing Is A Bitch Like You
  • 2. (Sic)
    de Slipknot
    Enemy - Show Me What You Wanna Be
    I Can Handle Anything
    Even If I Can't Handle You
    Readily - Either Way It Better Be
    Don't You Fuckin' Pity Me
    Get Up, Get Off...
  • 3. (Something Inside) So Strong
    de Darius Danesh
    The Higher You Build Your Barriers, The Taller I Become
    The Farther You Take My Rights Away, The Faster I Will Run
    You Can't Deny Me
    You Can't Decide To Turn Your Face Away
  • 4. (Storia di un) Corazon
    de Jovanotti
    Esta Es La Historia De Un Cprazon
    Que Andava Per El Mundo Buscando Una Razon
    Una Razon Para Vivir
    Una Razon Para Morir
    Y Seguir Latendo Marcabando El Ritmo
  • 5. S Club Party
    de S Club 7
    S Club
    Gettin' Down Tonight, A Come On, Yeah
    Gettin' Down Tonight, Uh Huh, Everybody
    Get Down Tonight
  • 6. S'il Suffisait D'Aimer
    de Celine Dion
    If Loving Each Other Was Enough
    Je Rêve Son Visage, Je Décline Son Corps
    Et Puis Je L'imagine Habitant Mon Décor
    J'aurais Tant À Lui Dire Si J'avais Su Parler
    Comment Lui Faire Lire Au Fond De Mes Pensées?
  • 7. S.A.T.O.
    de Ozzy Osbourne
    Now I'll Find Peace Of Mind
    Finally Found A Way Of Thinking
    Tried The Rest Found The Best
    Stormy Day Won't Find Me Sinking
  • 8. S.O.B.
    de Lisa Marie Presley
    You Said I Seem So Grim And
    You Said It Just Wasn't When It Fell Down On Me There
    Darling Do You Forgive Me
    I Went Out On A Limb
    Cause I Needed To Be
  • 9. S.O.S.
    de A-Teens
    Where Are Those Happy Days, They Seem So Hard To Find
    I Tried To Reach For You, But You Have Closed Your Mind
    Whatever Happened To Our Love?
    I Wish I Understood
    It Used To Be So Nice, It Used To Be So Good
  • 10. S.o.s. (Too Bad)
    de Aerosmith
    Stagecoach Lady, Hourglass Body
    Making Things Glow In The Night
    Well, She Would If She Could, 
    And She'd Be Good If She Would Only
    Tell Her Lover She Be Out Tonight
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