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  • 91. I Fantastici 4
    de Gem Boy
    Quella Grande, Baldracca
    Della Donna Invisibile
    Che Mi Tradì Più Di Una Volta
    Con La Cosa E L'uomo Torcia
    Eppure, Mi Ricordo I Primi Tempi
    Quando Mi Dicevi Tu: Boing!
    “Allungalo Di Più!”
  • 92. I Feel Happy
    de Sheryl Crow
    Mamma's Got A Feeling, She's Up All Night
    Do We Give In?
    Do We Let Go Of The Fight?
    Well I Don't Know
  • 93. I Feel It
    de Dj Bobo
    Ask Me Why
    Why I Tell The Space Like Another Space
    Its Somewhere The Sky Is Blue
    Ask Me Why
    Why Its Not A Dream In The Children's Scream
    Its A Nightmare The Sky Is Blue
  • 94. I Feel It Coming
    de The Weeknd
    Tell me what you really like
    baby i can take my time
    we don't ever have to fight
    just take it step-by-step
    i can see it in your eyes
    'cause they never tell me lies
    i can feel that body shake
    and the heat between your legs.
  • 95. I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)
    de Elton John
    Like A Corn In A Field I Cut You Down
    I Threw The Last Punch Too Hard
    After Years Of Going Steady, Well I Thought That It Was Time
    To Throw In My Hand For A New Set Of Cards
  • 96. I Feel Lonely
    de Sasha
    All Across The Universe
    Every Boy And Every Girl
    Is Looking For This Thing Called Love
    So Why Do All The Other Guys
    Got Pretty Women By Their Side
    Some Guys Really Can 't Complain
  • 97. I Feel So
    de Box Car Racer
    I Wish I Was Brave
    I Wish I Was Stronger
    Wish I Could Feel No Pain
  • 98. I Find It Hard To Say (Rebel)
    de Lauryn Hill
    I've Written It About The Whole Amadou Diallo Situation.
  • 99. I Get Distracted
    de Sarina Paris
    All The Time
    It's Always On My Mind
    All The Time
    It's Always On My Mind
  • 100. I Get Lonely
    de Janet Jackson
    I Get So Lonely
    Can't Let Just Anybody Hold Me
    You Are The One That Lives In Me, My Dear
    Want No One But You
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