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A continuación se muestra un listado ordenado alfabéticamente y en bloques de 10, de todas las canciones que empiezan con la letra “D”.

  • 1. (Don't Gimme That) Once Over
    de Shania Twain
    How Can You Tell Me It Wasn't For Real
    Step Into My Shoes And See How It Really Feels
    I Know, I Know Why You Do It
    Still I Can't Stand You Putting Me Though It
  • 2. D'Yer Mak'er
    de Sheryl Crow
    You Don't Have To Go Oh Oh Oh Oh
    You Don't Have To Go Oh Oh Oh Oh
    You Don't Have To Go
  • 3. D'You Know What I Mean?
    de Oasis
    Step Off The Train All Alone At Dawn
    Back Into The Hole Where I Was Born
    The Sun In The Sky Never Raised An Eye To Me
    The Blood On The Trax And Must Be Mine
    The Fool On The Hill And I Feel Fine
    Don't Look Back Cos You Know What You Might See
  • 4. D.C.
    de Nickelback
    Bribing Me, We Come, We Watched How
    We're Last To Throw Our Pennies
    A Passive Tramps Lifts Her Skirt
    And Asks Us Then We Throw Them Down To Her
  • 5. D.F. (Interlude)
    de Outkast
    Esta Canción No Tiene Letra,
    Pero Puedes Escuchar Su Música En El Video Disponible.
  • 6. D.J.'s / A Message To You Rudy
    de No Doubt
    (Originally Recorded By Sublime / The Specials)
  • 7. D.M.S.R.
    de Prince
    Everybody, Get On The Floor
    What The Hell'd U Come Here 4?
    Girl, It Ain't No Use
    U Might As Well Get Loose
    Work Your Body Like A Whore
  • 8. D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2
    de Snoop Dogg
    What's Up Baby Can I Get With You?
    Its Called Dogs Get Lonely 2
  • 9. D.U.I.
    de Offspring (The)
    Three In The Morning And I Gotta Be Someplace,
    I Don't Remember Where
    Friends Try To Make Me Stay, Or Call Me A Cab Home,
    I Grab My Keys And A Beer
  • 10. D7
    de Nirvana
    Straight As An Arrow
    Defect Defect
    Not Straight, Not So Straight
    Reject Reject
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